NY Employer Arrested for Minimum Wage Violations – Are You Next?


Posted by Frank Cania, MSEmpL, SPHR – President of DRIVEN HR, LLC

Indulge me for just a minute. Imagine you’re at work when an employee nervously introduces two New York State Troopers. You’re handed an arrest warrant, handcuffed, walked out of the building to a waiting vehicle, and taken to the courthouse for processing and arraignment. You’re fingerprinted and then escorted to a cell where you, and several other people, will wait several hours for arraignment. If things aren’t already bizarre enough, the hulking character that has been staring since the cell door closed behind you walks over and asks, in a somewhat sarcastic tone, “what’d you do, run outta Starbucks without paying for your latte?”  Not wanting to show any weakness you look him right in the eye, clear your throat, and in your most obstinate and annoyed voice announce to this jailhouse comedian, and the small crowd gathering behind him, that you violated state minimum wage and overtime laws, underpaying five former employees a total of $35,000. What happened next is a little unclear, but you’re sure it wasn’t pleasant.   Continue reading