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Prior to establishing HR Compliance Experts LLC in 2018, Frank Cania spent more than 12 years building another well-respected HR consulting firm, which he sold in 2016. Throughout this time, his goals have been simple: to assist employers with the often complicated world of human resources, and help them navigate the complexities of constantly changing state and federal employment laws and regulations*.

Our name, HR Compliance Experts, is a perfect description of who we are. To ensure we remain subject matter experts, we read dozens of state and federal agency updates and employment law-related newsletters. We attend seminars and workshops presented by attorneys and government agency leaders to better understand new and existing regulations, and we regularly meet with state and federal legislators to provide an HR perspective on proposed legislation. And, when important changes occur, we inform our clients through personal contacts, live and online update programs, and through our blog, HR Compliance Notebook.

Remember, when you only have one chance to get it right, you need HR Compliance Experts! Give us a call at 585-380-1566, or email us at, to discuss your situation or schedule a meeting.

*During the regular course of business, HR Compliance Experts LLC and its staff may provide expert HR advice and consultation. However, these materials and suggestions do not constitute a legal opinion by HR Compliance Experts LLC, its principals, employees, or contractors. The facts of each situation should be considered and analyzed individually. Therefore, if you use any information provided by HR Compliance Experts LLC to formulate a policy or to resolve an employee issue, we suggest you consult with qualified legal counsel before implementation.

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