Fridays with Frank – Oct 25, 2019


Boo pumpkinsHappy friday!

How can Halloween be next week? So much happens at this time of year, but one of my favorite things is seeing dozens of children in costume running up our driveway. The excitement in their voices as they yell “trick or treat!” is the best! Whatever your plans, I hope you have a safe and enjoyable experience.  Continue reading

Fridays with Frank – Oct 18, 2019


Happy Friday!

Ever had one of those weeks where there are more demands on your time than time to give? We all have. But, somehow, we get it all done! If your week has been like mine, it’s time to celebrate our successes! So, grab your favorite drink, find a comfortable spot to relax, and enjoy this week’s edition of Fridays with Frank…because you’ve earned it! Continue reading

Fridays with Frank – Oct 11, 2019


US Supreme CourtHappy Friday!

It’s been a busy week for everyone. In fact, for many of the attorneys and HR professionals I’ve spoken to, the last several weeks have been a blur. We’ve all been conducting countless Sexual Harassment Prevention Training sessions as employers scrambled to meet the Wednesday, October 9 deadline set by NY State. (If you didn’t make it, give me a call to discuss your options.) With that done, for the time being, I don’t know what I’ll do with all the extra time!  Continue reading

Fridays with Frank – Oct 4, 2019


toy carsHappy Friday!

You’ve heard it (and maybe said it yourself) countless times this week: I Can’t believe it’s October already! Or, as my father, Sam Cania, would say, “before you know it, Christmas will be here and gone!” I didn’t understand the meaning of that statement back then, but it’s all too clear now that our children are grown and we have a grandson!

Speaking of our toddler grandson, Connor, he’s waiting patiently for me to play with his trucks. So, as much as I enjoy spending time with you, I have a play date!   Continue reading