Fridays with Frank – Feb 28, 2020


Happy Friday!

“Check. Check. Check—one—two.” If you’ve ever done a microphone check, you’ve probably said those exact words. Of course, I prefer random useless facts, like, “did you know Thomas Jefferson and John Marshall were second cousins (once removed) and they hated each other?” Anyway, there’s something about being recorded that makes me want to ensure I’m speaking clearly and precisely. Easy enough as long as I’m aware I’m being recorded. The problem is, there are microphones and recording devices everywhere! (Oh, no! Please don’t start with the conspiracy theories and big brother stuff again!) Every smartphone and tablet has a microphone and recording app. There are even pens and other office supplies with built-in recording devices! At any moment, every word you say could be recorded. Including that comment you made last week about where the new employee could stick their accommodation request to bring their emotional support Mastiff (appropriately named Thor) to work every day. (insert thunderclap followed by ominous music)  

Yes, cellphone videos are a part of everyday life. We’re all inundated with cellphone videos of everything from adorable babies and crazy cats to tragic accidents and heart-wrenching memorials. For many, video recording everything—from the mundane to the incredible—has become as much a reflex as taking their next breath. Unless they don’t want you to know they’re recording. In those situations an old school audio recording does the trick. Continue reading

Fridays with Frank – Feb 21, 2020


Happy Friday!

We’re all creatures of habit to some extent. It’s just part of our charming personalities. Right? (Go along with me for now, I promise there’s a point buried somewhere in this post.) I know mixing things up is better for my brain, but sometimes not having to think is the way to go. For me, the uninterrupted flow of my morning routine has been a pillar of stability in my otherwise unpredictable workdays for years—until last week. That’s when the reality of two very frightening words entered my life—bathroom remodeling. For two weeks, I’ve been a guest in my spouse’s sacred domain: scheduling showers, cautiously using counter space, and doing my best to erase any signs of my presence as soon as I’m done each morning. Fortunately, today marks the end of that adventure and a return to our separate morning routines—our marriage still intact.

Many of us have also developed habits and routines at work. Raise your hand if you get annoyed when someone parks in “your” parking spot at the office. Or, maybe you like to arrive 20 or 30 minutes early to have your first cup of coffee and go through email.

Ken (not his real name), by all accounts, is a good employee and manager. With the company for more than a decade, Ken’s dedicated to its success, and respected by his employees. One of Ken’s most appreciated traits is that he takes personal responsibility for any issues involving his team. He takes the focus off the problem and moves everyone forward to a solution. To do this, Ken has a habit of using self-deprecating humor to diffuse potentially tense situations.  Continue reading

Fridays with Frank – Feb 14, 2020


Happy Friday…and Happy Valentine’s Day!

Did you miss me last week? Or even notice I was gone? Well, either way, my absence was for a good reason. I was traveling to NJ for a special event. My grandson, Connor, turned two last weekend, and Papa had to be there to celebrate. Although I really enjoy my time with all of you each week, sometimes a papa’s gotta do what a papa’s gotta do!

If you recall, in my last Fridays with Frank I bared my soul to you about the impact that attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (“ADHD”) has had on my life. Both personally and professionally. (I know, it really explains a lot!) 

Clearly, I am not alone. It’s estimated that four percent of adults in the U.S. have ADHD. However, less than 20 percent have been diagnosed, and fewer still are treated. Although a significant number of people have managed to turn the challenges of ADHD around to their advantage, many more struggle with ADHD-related issues every day. (“Hey Frank, can we move this along? Remember, it’s Valentine’s Day, and a lot of us have plans.”)  Continue reading