Fridays with Frank – Nov 22, 2019


thanksgivingHappy friday!

Another whirlwind week is over, and it’s time to celebrate the weekend! This week I mixed things up a little with a Q&A format. If you like it and have a burning question about HR or compliance, send it to Maybe you’ll be featured in a future Q&A edition of Fridays with Frank!

Is that really you?  One of my favorite topics is Form I-9 compliance—I’m already excited for the 2020 I-9 Palooza in Nashville, TN! So, when friends have I-9 questions, who else would they call? Our first question: When hiring remote employees, can the employer use Skype, FaceTime, etc. to view the employee’s documents used for Section 2 verification? (I’ll give you a Continue reading

Fridays with Frank – Nov 15, 2019


Capitol-long viewHappy friday!

Welcome to a special Washington, DC edition of Fridays with Frank!  As a member of the Society for Human Resource Management (“SHRM”) and a volunteer leader of its Advocacy Team, I joined more than 400 of my HR peers on Capitol Hill this week to meet with members of the Senate and House of Representatives.  As always, it was an exciting opportunity to be part of our democracy in action! Although legislative advocacy isn’t for everyone—my wife imagines it as slightly less enjoyable than enduring several consecutive root canal surgeries—I’m always energized by my discussions of the issues!    Continue reading

Fridays with Frank – Nov 1, 2019


clockHappy friday!

Typing super fast…on a leftover Halloween candy-induced sugar high! Here’s some interesting stuff I read this week…enjoy!

Minnie Mouse is not happy  The company behind the self-described “happiest place on earth,” The Walt Disney Company, is accused of refusing to pay its women employees equal to men doing the same work.” According to a class-action suit recently filed against Disney, “in many instances, Disney is paying women workers tens of thousands of dollars less than their male counterparts.” With an increasing number of women joining the action, Disney is fighting the suit’s class-action status, effectively saying, you can sue us, but like a trip to the deli, you’ll need to take a number and get in line. I doubt Minnie is happy with her employer right now. Continue reading