Fridays with Frank – Mar 13, 2020


Happy Friday!

What a freaking week, right? I wasn’t sure whether to start Fridays with Frank with my usual greeting. Then I realized, those two words might be the happiest thing many of us have heard all week!

So let me say it again, even louder, HAPPY FRIDAY! 

Since questions and information related to “the novel Coronavirus” have dominated every waking minute of my life this week, I didn’t have time to think about, or write, a witty and informative post (oh please, don’t hurt your arm patting yourself on the back) you’ve come to expect.  However, never fear, I’m sharing an equally witty and informative article I wrote (you’re shameless, aren’t you?) that was published in the Daily Record newspaper on Tuesday. With a title like, “HR compliance is easy and cheap, said nobody ever,” how could it be anything less than riveting! (Yep, completely devoid of all shame!) 

Stay safe and healthy, and send me a text if you find hand sanitizer or disinfecting wipes anywhere! 

That’s a wrap on another Fridays with Frank. Thanks for spending a small part of your day with me, and have a great weekend! 

Posted by Frank Cania, president of HR Compliance Experts LLC.

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